Saturday, November 29, 2008

Childhood Dreams

Every time I come home, I always forget to take pictures of my room. It is the epitome of "stuff". Layers and stacks of trinkets, magazine scraps, dresses, ribbons, bright pink walls. My life the past six or seven years. my parents are about to redo it, but I made them promise that they would not touch the wall I am collaging. It's my baby. Even though I hardly live there anymore, I couldn't bear to see it gone.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Much Sought After Leather Jacket

I was finally able to locate the perfect faux leather coat that I have been pining over. The one I got on ebay several months ago just wasn't doing it for me, I felt kind of like madonna circa 1985, but this one is adorable. Especially with the little hood. And for only $40! I made the plaid dress that day, I've gotten quite good at these little tunic dresses. Not hard to make at all. I think I will be adding pockets, though...

Plaid dress- handmade
leather jacket- f21
tights- macys
peep-toe booties- nine west
wool hat- f21

PS happy day after turkey day, or black friday if you please. Did anyone brave the shops? I sure didn't, I slept nicely til noon, and then mama surprised me with breakfast and coffee in bed :)

Cheap and Cheerful

I'm home in good old New Hampshire for the rest of the week. It has gone by too fast already, though. Nashville is lovely but I have gotten so much done while I've been home. I've sewed many pretty dresses and made a handful of precious headbands. A photo shoot soon, I hope! On Monday we drove down to Natick, MA to go to the mall, which was lovely except for the general lack of funds. Oh well, I found not one but 2 coats!! Pictures of both in the next post I think.

Oh I had just straightened my hair and those pesky little hairs sticking up are quite noticeable in this photo. oh well....My mama made the adorable wool covered headband :)

Cheetah Print dress- Kenzie
tank- target
leggings- f21
Boots- delias

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A, a noose.

Something that I have been seeing a lot of lately, and that is irking me entirely, is the appearance of loose ties on girls' necks. On Gossip Girl, on the streets, on, ick. I am all for the prep school look with the blazers and the plaid and the knee socks, albeit in moderation, however, there is something just so Avril Lavigne about it. Don't you think? Especially wearing it loosely, it just looks very immature. I much prefer the menswear inspired looks with even a cheeky bow tie or something.


not this:

Try this:

(Undercover's Spring 2007 ready to wear)
Even though it is from last year, I think this is still a very doable look for right now. Especially if you are just testing the waters for the menswear look. Pairing a bowtie with a shirt-dress inspired piece is adorable, or you could do something like this metallic mini-dress, from Fendi's ready-to-wear (also spring 07). A pretty party dress with a little tie. cute.

(photos from

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Inspiration: Marie Antoinette

I am still trying to get well so I stayed in again. I decided to watch Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette while I sewed a skirt. Every time I watch this movie I get so inspired by the costumes, the music, everything about the film. And I love how as she grows more and more saddened by her plight her hair gets bigger and her spending habits worsen. Some things haven't changed, have they?

"isn't it divine?"

Friday, November 14, 2008


With all of this chilly rainy weather, I have finally caught a cold. So now I am sipping echinacea tea and watching Amelie until I fall asleep.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have been so behind on my blogging, and I feel bad. But I have never been so stressed/busy in my life. School is kicking my butt and I'm even getting behind on things I need to do for the store. Thank goodness for employees that will run across the street and buy me coffee, lovely girls that buy all my headbands within one week, friends that make me pancakes (or, mackenzies that make me pancakes:), inspiration from people like Whitney Dunn and Casey Stribling of Perfect Pair, and the famous couturier Manuel (full posts coming on these later, promise!). But until I am done my last major accounting project this week, studying for exams, among the other million things i have to do, I will be taking a bit of a break, but not too long of one, don't worry :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kidding in Plaid

An outfit post just before my camera died. and the debut of my wonderfully trashy faux fur coat that realllly needs to be dry cleaned...

top- La La Lovely from Local Honey
skirt- Erin Fetherston for Target
tights- macys
peep-toe booties- nine west
feather headband- handmade
faux fur coat- vintage

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mijn Schatje

Flipping through an old issue of Zink magazine, I remembered how much I was struck by this artist's illustrations. So doll-like and a slightly anime feeling to them, which is interesting because I am usually not drawn to anime-like art. Look how lovely they are.....