Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dreaming of Wedgies...

no no...not those kind, silly!

For years I have abhorred wedges, thinking they were strange and ridiculous looking, especially on me. Recently though, I have been drawn to the precarious creatures, specifically those of supple suede and maybe even a bow or two....

Jeffrey Campbell "Lamp" wedges

Chloe Multi-Strap Suede Wedge. Yes I'll just use that extra $950 I have lying around here somewhere...

Opening Ceremony Suede Bow Wedges

Moschino Cheap & Chic Peep Toe Wedge. Aren't the pom poms adorable?

PS I got some amazing goodies for Christmas, as well as some INCREDIBLE vintage Cosmopolitan magazines from the 1930s from my Grandmother's attic in Louisiana. A post on the aforementioned as soon as I recover from my weeklong food coma of Grandpa's mashed potatoes and gravy.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm Crushed...Velvet, that is.

Apologies for the lame pun. But I do have a rather strong fondness for anything velvet...My family is in town for the week before we head down to Grandma's in Louisiana for Christmas, and my sister and I had fun this afternoon getting dressed up just to go to Borders to fawn over the fashion magazines.

My outfit:

Crushed Velvet Dress- Blush boutique, but you can also find it here
Lace Cardigan- Rodarte for Target
Heels- Deen & Ozzy (UO)
necklaces- Target & Vintage

Hannahdoll's Outfit

Top- Anna Sui for Target
Corduroy Skirt- handmade

Dear Santa Mouse...

All I want for Christmas is the following:

This adorable little felted mouse from Etsy. I am kicking myself for not adding it to my favorites, though, and now I cannot seem to find it again. boo hoo.

This summer i read The Red Leather Diary by Lily Koppel, and since then, I've been inspired to start journaling again (even if just a few lines a day). Sadly, this journal is sold out everywhere I look :(

This Pom Pom Headband by Jennifer Loiselle

One of Yokoo's giant hand knit scarves to shield my face from the bitter wintery wind (ok not so bitter here in Nashville compared to NH, but it still gets chilly here!)

This bunny bank from Modcloth. I have piles of change laying around in old ziplock bags. It wouldbe much nicer sitting in this darling, no?

What is everyone else asking for?

Friday, December 11, 2009

ETSY Update: Holiday Cupcake Skirts!

Hop on over to my Etsy Shop for some Holiday Love Simone goodies!

I have my calculus final tonight at 7 pm and then I am officially done for the semester! Yay! *wish me luck!

PS the other skirts I posted about below are sitting in Feedback Clothing (if you are a Nashville Local :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Love, Simone. Holiday Cupcakes: ETSY PREVIEW!

Red & Black Iridescent Cupcake skirt with black tulle

Black & Teal Gingham Stretch Skirt

Caramel Cream Satin & Tulle Cupcake Skirt

Red Satin & Black Tulle Cupcake Skirt

Black & Green Iridescent Stretch Skirt

Green Stretch Skirt

I will hopefully have these all photographed and posted to Etsy by Friday :) Is anyone else getting excited for the Holidays? There's nothing like a festive red or green outfit to get you into the spirit, I think!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh I wish I was a Beckerman

Things are going to be pretty cray-cray for me until the end of next week. Scary scary finals are upon me, and I have several drawings, papers, and tests. eek! BUT don't fret, because tomorrow I will be posting a sneak peak at the glorious Holiday Cupcake Skirts I made over Thanksgiving!

Until then, I leave you with today's outfit. Now, i spent most of the day being quite studious out at my Aunt's house in Leiper's Fork (read: middle of nowhere TN *but quite beautiful I may add..think deer frolicking in the woods and windy scenic roads), and so I definitely wasn't in heels or the leather jacket. That definitely made the outfit a bit more school marmish. But I couldn't help myself. I rediscovered these Beckerman wool shorts at Posh that I had tried on several months ago. It's true love in an oversized culottes kind of way.

Sweater- vintage (was mama's in college!)
Wool Charlotte Shorts- Beckerman (By the way, these girls are amazing. Check out their blog here!
tights- target
jacket- Charlotte Russe
locket- high school ex boyfriend
bag- anthropologie

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Camel & Gray

There's nothing better than spending the day with family and friends. Hannah and I decided to do a little Thanksgiving Day photoshoot, the turkey was in the oven and there was nothing else to do but wait! Ryan was kind enough to take all the photos, and we had fun prancing about the yard, still wet from the previous days' rain. The cats were running around being quite comical too, climbing into trees and rolling in the west grass.

(click on any of the photos for a better look :)

My Outfit:

Blouse- Banana Republic (borrowed from my roommate)
Skirt- Faux Leather from Modcloth
Ribbed Tights- Charlotte Russe
Heels- Deena & Ozzy (UO)
chains- target
Bow- Handmade
Coat- Guess

Hannah's Outfit:

Dress (worn as a top)- American Apparel
Skirt- JC Penney
Heels- F21
Bow Clip- Handmade

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ruby Slippers

I received these beautiful vintage snakeskin (I believe? But I'm no real expert...) slingbacks for my birthday a month ago. I had my eye on them at an antique store up in Hooksett, NH, and Mama Rose had gotten them for me! I'm still amazed at the nearly perfect condition they are still in. The leather is soft and shiny despite being probably around 60ish years old. I've been daydreaming about wearing them with yellow tights, so when I put on yellow tights with my navy blue dress today, I decided to take a few quick photos with them on.

Now it's off to the library...two days until I fly home to NH for Thanksgiving with my family!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've got the Chills!

It finally feels like winter here in Nashville! It's blustery and chilly out, time for scarves and yummy mittens!

Unfortunately, with the cold comes the...colds. I am sniffly and sneezy (boo hoo hoo). However, I am all warm inside from the lovely post that Lauren of Blooming Leopold did of me. Click over to read an interview and enter for a chance to win one of my cupcake skirts! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Goodnight, Sweetheart

It has come to my attention that I have accumulated several beautiful vintage bed jackets over the years, and they always seem to get pushed off to the side and forgotten about. Upon realizing this tragedy, this morning instead of donning my usual skirts/tights/bow combo, I went for a different kind of whimsical vibe (whimsical because well, how can one not be when wearing unicorn heels, hm?)

Pairing my pale blue, peter pan-collared jacket with rolled jeans and rather large bird earrings that have been collecting dust for several years now, I felt a bit refreshed walking out of the house. There's nothing like a good wardrobe change up to pull you out of any kind of slump, I think!

bed jacket- vintage
jeans- f21
unicorn heels- Jeffrey campbell
bird earrings- h&m
flat hair- lazy kallie

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Inspiration for a Thursday

Layering. Fall is upon us here in Nashville, and I've been experimenting with new ways (well, new for me) to layer. Slips and cardigans, tights and knee highs. I love love love how Marisa of Thumbelina pulls it off so effortlessly.

Beautiful and sort of ethereal makeup. I love the replacement of the eyebrows with lace. (source

This lovely collar made from strips of lace and ribbon by Carrie from Wish Wish Wish. What a great, inexpensive way to create a fun sort of "tie" if you will

New and interesting ways to style hair. While wearing bow headbands and clips everyday is perfectly lovely, sometimes you just need something fresh to try. I can't wait to try this one from The Snail and the Cyclops

from skinskinnyskin

Bold tights! I've been adding to my already large collection (2 drawers full..ahem) of assorted jewel-toned, rainbow bright, patterned/netted/etc tights. well any kind of tights you can think of, but I've been especially drawn to the bold colors lately...the plums, reds, hunter greens, oh my!

Now I am going to cuddle into bed, for it's been a long Thursday for me....night night lovelies