Sunday, August 31, 2008

Je veux te voir

I am pretending that it is not heinously hot out these days and sporting some lovely vintage scarves for fall. By the way, the ones I have put in the store are selling nicely. (Oh I have pictures of the store that I want to put up as well!)

a better picture of my new haircut, of which I am in love with but cannot seem to style without the help of dear zach.

Getting ready to go out, wondering how I could possibly be so unphotogenic? Oh and that is my dear friend Aaron.

scarf- vintage
leggings- kensie
gladiator sandals- f21

Thursday, August 28, 2008

a la la

Oh so busy with school and the store. I have barely had a moment to breathe! But this weekend will be fun :) birthdays and parties oh my!

ps this is my girl scout look...

stirrup tights- macys

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm bad luck

I have been a poor blogger lately...what with moving back to school and catching up with my friends. I need to start taking more pictures, too....but here is the outfit I wore tonight! I ordered several pairs of new shoes from forever21, and I love them all. I am wearing one pair of them here. My friend Zach also gave me a hot new haircut, however this is pre-hairspray and teasing.

So sorry for the poor quality, mirror shots do this no justice. I had no clean white tanks, so I cut the sleeves and v neck out of one of my hanes tees, and the skirt is Richard Chai for Target. Doesn't it remind you of the nightmare before Christmas? Something about the color palate. And I do not remember where I got those stirrup leggings/tights, but they have been sitting in my drawer for many months now.

now I am praying to the rain gods to make it stop before tomorrow so that I can drive my car to cool springs and get my window fixed. Tonight it would not roll up and now I have a trash bag (badly) taped to the window, and rain is pouring in as we speak. I am also hoping that no one breaks into it and/or tries to steal it....

Monday, August 11, 2008


Here are some things I snatched up today at the Salvation Army!!

This skirt is so cute and perfect for summer, it's so lightweight and doesn't need to be altered. yay!
The purse is so 80s I love it, it has a strap but I thought it was way more chic as a little clutch. Although, I would probably wear a darker shirt with it because in the photo I look sort of washed out. Or maybe that is just my very poor photography skills....

This is my favorite find. An acid wash major high waisted jean skirt. A little snug but perhaps it will stretch out a bit with wear. I want to wear it every single day. yes.

This skirt actually needs to be hemmed, but oh how I love plaid. I've secretly always wanted to go to a private school just so I could wear a plaid skirt or some sort of jumper. The little booties are hannah's and so they are a size too big. but they're so cute. Oh and by the way, yes, that is the portal to Narnia you are seeing there, the exact wardrobe, mmmhm.

shirt- target
booties - Nine West

while I really should be packing...

these are the things I am dreaming of:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Kissing the Lipless

So it is another rainy day in New Hampshire. I slept most of the afternoon having been up for too late last night talking to a ...ahem...boy...but looking through magazines today I kept coming across the D&G ready to wear ads featuring the most beautiful and clashy plaid dresses, blazers and tights. Last month on my goodwill and salvation army sprees, I came across armfuls of men's plaid button-downs, and decided to buy several. I've altered most of them, making them skinnier and a bit shorter when needed, and plan to wear them belted over leggings with some little black ankle booties. oh fall, where are you? Not that we've had too much of a lovely summer with all of this rain and thunder...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grilled Cheese Makes me feel beautiful

So I have not posted in awhile, many apologies! But I have been working on so many cute little things for the store. I'm so excited! Here are some pictures of a few of the headbands I have made. I feel as though photobooth cannot do them justice, however, here they are....

The black feather one, among others I have made, are from old feather hats from the 30s and 40s. The brown one is a fur and velvet headband that was still in really good condition and really cute. I added the vintage gem, too. I would never normally condone wearing or buying fur, however this is so old and and working with it I have developed this little sentimental attachment to it. I got so lucky with the entire suitcase full of old hats that my mom had just lying around here...

now I am going to go eat my ramen noodles and then go hang out with a friend!