Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Combat Boots and Cats

Outfit Details

Dress- Urban Outfitters
Sweater- Juicy Couture
Knee Socks- F21
Combat Boots- Betsey Johnson
  (There are similar ones here but I couldn't find the glitter ones online)
Bag- Betsey Johnson

One of my favorite things about my parents' house is the huge yard that my three cats LOVE to frolic about it in all day. They climb trees, roll in the grass, chase butterflies and just act all around outdoorsy adorable. My mom and I were on our way to Goodwill to do some vintaging (It's $1 Wednesday, duh), when I decided to snap some photos. Our tiny little black cat (he's tiny compared to our other massive one), Little Bee, decided he needed to not be in just one or two shots, but all of them. He does kind of match my new boots, non? Speaking of the boots, aren't they amazing? I bought them earlier this week as an early birthday present to myself. They're sparkly, have a fun leopard print lining, and they're so comfy. I've been wearing them to work as well (ok I bought them at work...details).

And Goodwill? I found some great vintage Laura Ashley dresses, some $1 velvet muumuus that I intend on cutting up for fabric. I also found some great black pieces that will work perfectly for a project I'm working on (more on that later, lovies!).

xoxo my loves!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Style ADD: A Sunday Morning Musing

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So I woke up today thinking about many things:

1.) How I need to get a move on with several projects that have ever looming deadlines (normal for me....oops)

2.) It's Sunday, and I'm off work! Waffles and coffee, then back to bed to snuggle for a bit longer? Ok!

3.) While catching up on several favorite blogs, and discovering some new ones too, I started to wonder about how I would describe my style to others. It kind of made me feel sad, because I never really know how to explain it to people. In my head, I usually just think that I like to play dress up, and leave it at that.

I think I wake up every morning and want to do something different. I adore vintage blouses with high-waisted skirts; I love simple black leggings with an oversized flannel shirt and droopy hat with combat boots; and some days I love throwing on a Betsey Johnson party dress with a blazer and 5 inch heels. And sometimes, I want to wear my combat boots with my party dress! Some days I wish I could define my style, but I'm not sure I really want to. I'm just so ADD with everything in my hair, my clothes, and my inspirations. I think it's great that so many people have specific shapes and styles and colors that they wear, but that's just not me. Going forward, I'd like to think that I can stop trying to fit myself into any kind of box and just go with it. So what will I be wearing today? Tomorrow? Couldn't tell you. Let's find out :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cheeky in Yellow

Outfit Details

Blouse- Fringe & Lace
Skirt- BB Dakota
Bowler Hat- Target
Flats- Kate Spade
Sunglasses- Fred Flare

Today has been sort of a slow one for me. Yesterday the rest of our European company left and it's a bit glum around the house. I've been laying in bed catching up on Project Runway episodes, sipping coffee, and playing scrabble on my ipad.

Thursday we went to Cheekwood, the home of some beautiful botanical gardens, a mansion-turned-museum, and seasonal exhibits (in the spring they had the Russian Faberge eggs and crown jewels!). We had fun traipsing around and taking photos, looking at the lovely gardens and pieces of art tucked away into the woods (FYI Kate Spade flats were not the best choice for this impromptu hike of sorts). Afterwards we drove into Green Hills and ate some frozen yogurt at Sweet Cece's, and ended the night with more unhealthiness at a little barbecue place in Hendersonville.

PS: I'm 2 followers away from being at 100! So exciting! Do me a favor and if you enjoy reading my blog and aren't following already, please do so :) I love you all for sticking around even when my life has gotten crazy and I haven't been able to post regularly. That will be changing and I'm excited for all of the fun things I have planned for posts in the future! xoxo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby's Day Out

Outfit Details

Sweater- F21
Skirt- vintage, from Local Honey
Belt- Betsey Johnson
Scarf- Missoni for Target
Shoes-MIA Girl 
Bag- Betsey Johnson
Earrings- Juicy Couture 

For the past month, one of our foreign exchange students from high school has been visiting Nashville, along with his girlfriend. Fabi and Mona are from Munich and we've been having so much fun doing all of the little touristy things in and around Nashville with them. Today I had the day off so we drove out to the famous restaurant Loveless Cafe, known best for their mouthwatering biscuits and traditional southern food (think fried chicken and mashed potatoes with lots of gravy!). After we filled up on yummy food we drove up the Natchez Trace into Leiper's Fork and and stopped for a soda at Puckett's Grocery and a little antiquing in the downtown area! Next we hit up downtown Franklin for some more boutique-ing (not a word you say? hm). I bought the most adorable long matches that come in a case with a little black cat on it at a store called Avec Moi (I also languished over the beautiful vintage jade and powder pink cake plates and dishes...).

PS as you can see I dyed my hair pink! I absolutely adore it, and while you can't really tell with my scarf/turban/I Love Lucy contraption on, there is a bit of purple on the side as well. Speaking of the turban, this has been my new go-to thing whenever I wake up and just don't feel like doing anything with my hair. It's super easy, and is a great alternative to throwing on a hat or a headband. I bought this scarf last week at Target when the Missoni line came out. Did anyone else manage to snag anything? I got several pairs of knee socks and some great purple tights as well.

xo Darlings!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Fashion's Night Out!

Sitting here sunburnt at the beach! I have two more days of relaxation before it's back to real life! I am, however, bummed that I'm not back in Nashville tonight for Fashion's Night Out. The Mall at Green Hills is doing lots of little events store by store (Betsey Johnson always throws a great party with pink champagne, music, and giveaways!), so if you're around definitely try to make it!

I've recently partnered up with, a great site that stocks amazing designers like Jeffrey Campbell, Elizabeth & James, and Wildfox couture! They're offering everyone a chance to enter today only to win a $100 gift card! You really can't lose go enter!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Inspirations: Plaid and Velvet!

I was hard at work on my fall line this past week before I left for Florida for my annual family vacation on Tuesday! Here are some of my inspirations and bits of pieces that I'm working on!


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Friday, September 2, 2011

Love Simone Loves: Alexandra Grecco

For the past few years, this girl's lovely and breathtaking designs have often been the center of my shopping daydreams! From darling tap shorts to dresses with heart-cut outs in the back, Alexandra Grecco has stolen my heart.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Dreamy dreamy Alexandra Grecco dreams.....

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