Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kittens Inspired by....

Outfit Details
Blouse- Target
Kitten Skirt- Handmade
Mules- Betsey Johnson Glitter Polly's
charm bracelet- Juicy Couture
Bag- Coach (I haven't carried this little sweetheart in years, it was a high school graduation present from a family friend!)
Scarf (on bag)- Lulu Guinness

Last week I was feeling a bit hair-daring, so I decided to dye it red! I would have liked it to be a bit lighter, but since it was already brown, they would have needed to lighten it first, and I wanted to avoid going that route (my poor hairs are already so damaged from years of bleaching..). I'm rather pleased with the outcome, though. *By the way, this was my inspiration for my adventurous feelings.

This week I am working at Feedback as usual, and today I decided to pair this ombre blouse (from Target of all places...okay okay...so a good majority of my wardrobe is from Target) with a skirt I made about a month ago. The print is one of the leftovers from the days of my Mother's children's clothing company. It has little cats and dogs wearing bows on it! Paired of course with my favorite heels to wear whenever I'm feeling a bit spunky!

*Please do note that if you click on any of the photos you can see them much better and closer up; I really do need to teach my mother how to use the zoom on my camera..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Melon Monday

Outfit Details:
Blouse- Miley Cyrus
Skirt- Vintage from Local Honey
Tights- Hue
Lace Up Booties- GoJane.com
charm bracelet- F21

This is one of my very favorite outfit combinations. I bought this skirt almost 3 years ago at a lovely local vintage place called Local Honey. I found these sheer tights (along with bright blue and neon green ones) at JC Penney $2 a pair back in the winter and I've found that they are a nearly perfect option to turn to in order to get my tights fix during the sweltering summer heat (It's 97 here in Nashville at the moment, ick!).

You can also get a peak of our downstairs entryway and "parlor" in the photos. My mom is so cute; I asked if she could take some photos of me and when I got downstairs with my camera she had staged a little scene with a vintage suitcase for me in the hall!

Happy Monday Darlings!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Socks

Wooden Heels- Sam Edelman

Today I'm being lazy. Tidying up my room, doing laundry, and hanging out with my cat Mister Pete

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lacey Days

*Click photos to view larger versions

Outfit Details:
Lace Blouse- F21
Shorts- French Connection
Gold Clogs- Enzo Angiolini
Charm bracelet- F21

Last week I ventured down to Murfreesboro to drop off some new pieces at Mesh boutique and found that I had some time to kill. Naturally, I headed over to the mall, which has a F21 (and as I am obviously going through withdrawals since ours at Opry Mills was destroyed with the Flood *boohoo*, I had to go in). The first item I saw when I walked in was this lovely sheer lace blouse. I ended up buying it, as well as the gold charm bracelet I am wearing too! Paired with a lovely pair of high waisted shorts from French Connection that Hannahdoll left behind while in Germany, and some gold clogs I've had..well...forever (and by forever I mean at LEAST 5 or 6 years), this has easily become my new favorite outfit.

Last week I splurged on a set of hot rollers, and I've been rolling my hair every few days, a la Shirley Temple. It's easy and smooths all the frizz out of my naturally flouffy hair, albeit a little warm in the mornings to have hot rollers on my head in my not so heavily air conditioned house. BUT, still worth it in my opinion!

As you may have noticed, I've moved! My parents bought a historic house in Madison, TN, which is known as Idlewild! Complete with fireplaces in every room, chandeliers, vintage style bathrooms, and even 3 ghosts (I've yet to make contact, but updates will ensue when it happens)! I'm still working on decorating, but have set up my fireplace area with my hefty (nearing absurd) collection of vintage suitcases, a vintage chair found in a friend's basement (that desperately needs to be re-upholstered!), and other bits and bobs. I think I want a large vintage mirror to put above the mantle....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Noir Summer

So lately, as I've said before, I've found my little fashion-bipolar self waking up some days and drifting immediately to floral sundresses and cream colored gauzey blouses, while others I feel like taking on a more somber persona with a a simple black cotton dress, heels with black satin ribbons, or lots of black lace! My first inspirations for these dark summer days were from these two images:

The Clothes Horse

Which then, led me to dream up some ideal "Noir Summer" pieces....

Clockwise from top right:

Loren Lattice Dress from Nasty Gal
Drape Pocket Shorts from Nasty Gal
Van Tassel Necklace from Modcloth
Jeffrey Campbell Charli Clogs from Nasty Gal
Straw Boater Hat by Marc Jacobs

While there are is a mile long list of other "essential" black pieces I wanted to add to my little collage, I narrowed it down to these few! My favorites are definitely the clogs and the drapey shorts, which are only $38!

How do you all feel about wearing black during the summer? Am I crazy? (Especially in this Tennessee heat?!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Summer Wishlist: Florals

Items clockwise from top right:

Modcloth Courtly Love Cardigan
Modcloth Circle Takes the Scarf
Urban Outfitters gingham bathing suit (which is sadly sold out!)
Etsy Canvas Tote Bag
Readymade: How to Make Almost Everything book
Seychelles Marguerite Heel
Topshop Paintbrush Flower Playsuit
Modcloth Rat-A-Tat Hat

In an attempt to inject my wardrobe with some girlish summery pieces, I of course immediately landed on anything and everything floral. Dreaming of days at Centennial Park reading in the shade and sunny afternoons at the pool in a vintage style swimsuit, I decided upon the essentials: a casual and comfortable playsuit, chic heels, a face-shading hat, a light scarf and cardigan for the heavily air conditioned boutiques and cafes, as well as some productive summer reading! (Because summer is about projects, right?)

While I am most certainly yearning for these incredibly feminine floral darlings, there is of course the other side of myself (everyone has this right?) that wants to embrace that sort of victorian goth black summer ensembles I have been seeing (that sounds like a total oxymoron...black..summer?). Well if this notion is leaving all of you confused and thinking I'm a bit of a crazy person, fear not! I'll be back soon with my second wishlist to entertain my love for darkness (Please refer back to here and here to see my previous ramblings on my love for the somber hue during inappropriate times of the year.)