Sunday, July 27, 2008

and all these songs are sung on roadtrips

Here are some pictures finally of the tee shirt I altered with vintage lace. mm i love it. Quite possibly one of the only things better than a hanes white v-neck is one with pretty pretty lace on it. yes, i think so.

please excuse the fluffy mess on my head. The humidity from being outside at flea markets all morning took its toll. Speaking of! fleas were a bust, but I found some really great things at this antique store in Bedford called Antiques at Mayfair. 2 feather headbands, a coral colored vintage slip, and some really neat rhinestone jewelry that I'm going to use for my headbands. Pictures to follow!

Tomorrow mom and I are driving up to Burlington, VT to do some shopping. Ever since Nylon magazine did an article about all of the boutiques and little shopping places, I've been dying to go. So, we are going tomorrow and perhaps staying over through the night, depending upon whether we do everything we want to in a day. I am going to wear the high waisted shorts I got at goodwill today, with a gray tank I think, and maybe my gladiator sandals, they are quite comfortable actually...

by the way, folks, as you might not have noticed, that is indeed a NEW leopard print cardigan. Yes, yes, I have decided to momentarily retire the old one It's had a good run, and my taunting friends will be happy to know that I have washed it (yes! you heard me right!) and set it lovingly into my sweater basket for cooler days to come.

Friday, July 25, 2008

pot kettle pot kettle black

I am drinking pomegranate juice and waiting around until it is time to take Hannahdoll to the airport for her trip to Munich. I am so envious.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If you get there before me, save me a seat.

mom and I are making dinner and getting ready for the new season of Project Runway to begin tonight! eeeeee!

noah's ark came to my house one day

Yesterday I went to Anthropologie and bought some lovely dishes on sale. all for $3.95! Two lovely butterfly bowls and plates. The bowls are perfectly sized for Ramen Noodles. I can't wait.

Anthro says it is a mug but I like my soup bowls with handles. Don't you?

I also bought some really expensive hair goop that's supposed to make my hair pretty again, and not all broken and weak. we'll see Sephora, we'll see. Speaking of hair, I went to the place by Hot Rize called Drapoel and got my hairs trimmed. (and my eyebrows done, ouch..). She did a very nice job and I must say it is the lowest amount I have ever paid to get my hair done. ($32 in all!!!)

That silly look on my face might be me realizing that all the mascara on my left eye got rubbed off when my contact was being retarded earlier...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cansei de ser sexy owns my heart.

This post is specifically dedicated to the band CSS. I have already been in love with them and they're super sexy hotness, but now I am swooning....and laughing. They have posted a new Myspace bulletin, and it is the funniest thing I have ever read. Whoever in the band that posted it, or perhaps all of them (?) were incredibly drunk, as a lot of their typing and english skills went a bit downhill. That said, reading it made me feel like they were my best friends. Why is it that drunken testaments of love and true feelings about everything can seem so heartfelt? Well, certainly more honest, for sure....

Monday, July 14, 2008

I love ewe

So let me just tell you how amazing I am. I have managed to make my strawberry iced tea from Hot Rize last all the way from 11:45 this morning until now. 9:32 PM. I've always been a slow drinker (a real word??). I have recently voiced my concern and nervousness for when waiters at restaurants bring me another soda before I have even gotten halfway through my first. It just sits there and the ice melts and it gets all watered down and then I feel positively wasteful. Woe is me.

Anyhow, looking through old photos and reminiscing about when my Lux acid wash jeans were actually still pink tinted. Meaning, before I actually washed them....

oh and I love those mary-janes I am wearing. I got them way on sale at for love 21 last fall. They have a pretty high heel though, and I have had many a drunken trip down cement stairs in those. Not so pretty..

So all day I have been perusing the fashion blogs and now I'm all jealous and want one of my own. so. there. I will now enact my secret undercover plan to take over the world of blogging. (insert the evil plan laugh know the one from friends, when pheobe and joey try to trick rachel and ross...or you could just think of an evil laugh in general i suppose...whatever, you're deal.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all.

I went to the beach today, good old white trash Hampton with Shane and Malainie. No one gets my whole mix match bathing suit thing. I've been doing it since I was 12, get over it (i don't think I've bought a top and a bottom as a set in years...). It was so fucking hot, but windy, which was nice. Managed to get myself halfway into the freezing water, once your legs go numb it's not so bad, right? Read some of my book, and tanned. I've started this history on a woman called "Athenais", who was Louis XIV's mistress. Interesting so far, even more interesting is that my theme of books so far this summer all centers around adultery. hah.
I tried to read that book I borrow from Aaron about this woman's battle with anorexia ( other people's problems always seem more interesting..) but it was so depressing I couldn't stand it.

I found this amazing high waisted vintage skirt from guatemala at goodwill but it is too small. I am determined to alter it to fit. or I will lose 10 pounds...without giving up annies mac and cheese.

Tomorrow I am buckling down and sewing some things. I mean it. I am getting tired of looking at the same three things on the to do list that I made a week and a half ago. Summer is coming between me and the things I need to get done.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

it's tomorrow but my yesterday is not yet done

One of the most loathed things in my life has been my inability to find sleep when I need it most. I toss and turn for a few hours, even when I am utterly exhausted, and then when I get desperate enough I take a sleeping pill, or 2, and deal with it's effects halfway through the next day. So here I am waiting for it to kick in, still listening to Explosions in the Sky songs that were supposed to help me fall asleep pre-medicated sleep aid.
I just received an email from an acquaintance of several years ago, asking if he could crash on my couch on his way through Nashville. I hated that I had to reply and say that I would not be back to my apartment from NH in time. I offered up friends, but now that I think about it I'm not sure if I would want a complete stranger on my couch, even though he is one of the sweetest people I had ever met (years ago, though....maybe he's changed?).
It is stressful when I start a new project that I have to work on for more than a few days. It consumes my thoughts, even when I have too much fear to actually take the first steps in it, such as ripping apart seams and actually turning on my sewing machine.

Things like this only add to my anxiety.

But hey, Elle said it's ok to smoke weed to alleviate these symptoms. hah. It helps me sleep. Oh sleep.... where are you ?