Monday, December 15, 2008

Hanging by a thread....A Blue Flannel Thread

I have two more exams tomorrow, and then I am done with school for an entire month! I am anxious to get home, despite the fact that my family has not had power since last Friday. I hope it's back by Wednesday night, but who knows. Oh New England. My camera is falling to shambles, although its my own fault. I don't deserve it...I keep dropping it/losing it in my parking lot and letting it get run over. I swear, though, it has nine lives. It still works perfectly about 90% of the time...and then sometimes I just have to tap it on something to get the lens to come out....

This is my favorite shirt lately, a little boy's plaid button up from the Gap (although I found it at Goodwill). I have so much to blog about, so many pictures to put up, and I will have lots of time once I get back to New Hampshire. yay!

skirt- Erin Fetherston for Target
belt- thrifted
bow clip- H&M
disgusting bland dorm room- compliments of Belmont ResLIfe

P.S. everyone should listen to Cat Stevens, he is quite lovely.


Hannah Jane said...

Correction: We lost power on THURSDAY night. ughughuhghgugh.

i like your little clippy.

miss_banshee said...

Great blog and a nice outfit indeed!