Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ruby Slippers

I received these beautiful vintage snakeskin (I believe? But I'm no real expert...) slingbacks for my birthday a month ago. I had my eye on them at an antique store up in Hooksett, NH, and Mama Rose had gotten them for me! I'm still amazed at the nearly perfect condition they are still in. The leather is soft and shiny despite being probably around 60ish years old. I've been daydreaming about wearing them with yellow tights, so when I put on yellow tights with my navy blue dress today, I decided to take a few quick photos with them on.

Now it's off to the library...two days until I fly home to NH for Thanksgiving with my family!

1 comment:

lauren winter said...

so, so cute! I love the color of tights you chose with the shoes, they go really well together.

happy thanksgiving!! enjoy time with your family and the flight!