Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh I wish I was a Beckerman

Things are going to be pretty cray-cray for me until the end of next week. Scary scary finals are upon me, and I have several drawings, papers, and tests. eek! BUT don't fret, because tomorrow I will be posting a sneak peak at the glorious Holiday Cupcake Skirts I made over Thanksgiving!

Until then, I leave you with today's outfit. Now, i spent most of the day being quite studious out at my Aunt's house in Leiper's Fork (read: middle of nowhere TN *but quite beautiful I may add..think deer frolicking in the woods and windy scenic roads), and so I definitely wasn't in heels or the leather jacket. That definitely made the outfit a bit more school marmish. But I couldn't help myself. I rediscovered these Beckerman wool shorts at Posh that I had tried on several months ago. It's true love in an oversized culottes kind of way.

Sweater- vintage (was mama's in college!)
Wool Charlotte Shorts- Beckerman (By the way, these girls are amazing. Check out their blog here!
tights- target
jacket- Charlotte Russe
locket- high school ex boyfriend
bag- anthropologie

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