Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Things

Here are a few things I received for Christmas (late to that party, I know!)...but they are so sweet I simply had to share them with you!

The first is a darling little book called The Little Dictionary of Fashion. It's by Christian Dior and was first written in the 1950s. There are pages and pages of fashion advice from the master himself...including the fact that one should never over-accessorize, and the difference between day-time and evening dresses and suits!

The second book is probably the newest love of my life. It's called The Black Apple Paperdoll Primer, and it's written and illustrated by the lovely Emily Winfield Martin. Anyone who had a love for cutting out little paper dolls as a child would LOVE this book. It gives detailed instructions on how to scan in and print out the dolls and their outfits if you do not wish to cut up the book, and even how to create your own little dolls! I think my favorite part, though, is the biographies of each doll. For example, Violaine (as pictured above)

"is happy only in the cool darkness of her black-and-white photography lab. There, with nothing but her photo chemicals and trays of partially developed images her company, she can listen to her music and wonder why no one reads poetry anymore."

So thank you to my darling friends Aubree and Natalie for knowing me so well. What great presents, right?

Oh, and I must not forget the charming scarf in the background. That little guy is from Kate Spade! It was handmade by a woman in Bosnia (who even signed the little tag that came attached, for a program called "Hand in Hand: Women for Women International". This program helps women in war-torn countries that have been survivors of violence and conflict by offering them employment to help rebuild their lives! What better way to support such a great cause than to purchase what is probably the cutest scarf I've ever laid eyes on?! *For more info about this cause you can go to www.womenforwomen.org!

Now I'm off to spend the rest of this rainy Tuesday sewing!

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Anonymous said...

PLease can you tell me the brand or a link where i can buy those magnificient shoes? i beg :( I really like all your styles