Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Love Simone Pieces At Local Honey!

Baby Pleats Crop Top w/ Vintage Ribbon 

Baby Pink Crop Top w/ Vintage Ribbon

Salmon Babydoll Top w/ Teal Streamer Bow

Seafoam Babydoll Top

Blue & Green Reconstructed Slip Skirt

Tea Leaf Crop Top

Yellow Slip Dress w/ Tan Netting

Cream Wool Ruffle Shorts

Pink Sailor Collar Tank Top

Cream and Teal Silk Crop Top

Last weekend I dropped off a TON of new pieces to Local Honey on Belmont Blvd! If you're local, go and snatch something up. I'm also eyeing pieces from a few other local designers that they carry....including a lovely sheer crop top from owner Shea Steele's line (that was shown recently at Nashville Fashion Week!) White Rabbit!


freny said...

I love the color. Simple yet adorable <a href="http://www.loudstarbazaar.com/shop/brand-ben-sherman/ben-sherman-eyelet-skirt/p_46.html>Ladies skirts</a>.

Pink said...

I love the color. Simple yet adorable Ladies Skirts. (www.loudstarbazaar.com)