Monday, March 17, 2008

there's no mocha in my mocha

my life here is passing me by so fast. I get bored when I'm trashed and start to hate myself all over again. I'm not doing anything remotely productive with my time anymore, even if it is just creating ridiculous modge podged little things and giving them to people. I do hw, go to class, work a little here and there, and then throw myself into bed around 1 am every night.
Going to San Fran a few weeks ago renewed my waning desire to just move out there and work for betsey j or some other overpriced boutique until something else equally intriguing comes along. Then again, I could do that in Nashville too I suppose. I ordered a pair of those metallic-american apparel-like leggings from urban outfitters and accidentally had them mailed in new hampshire. oops. p.s. urban is significantly boring me these days.

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