Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things I Adore Right Now

Band of Horses album Cease to Begin. Repeat Repeat Repeat!

This darling blog by a redhead named Zamara

The lovely photography in Fader magazine and Little Boots in general. Her music is dancey and happy and I love her blonde braids. She also recently did an interview with Peaches Geldof on Nylonmag.com!

The ethereal posts and writings of The Unicorn Diaries. She has a little bunny that makes its way into photos every now and then, and she writes about forgotten things like that movie I loved when I was growing up, A Little Princess, and Peter Rabbit! I could sit and read her blog for hours on end.

I start classes tomorrow. I have fashion forecasting in the morning, then business ethics and third year writing! Happy Wednesdays to everyone!


yiqin; said...

THAT BLOG IS AMAZING! Ah how I wish I can be a redhead!

miss_banshee said...

Lovely redhead girl!

Hope you enjoy your classes!