Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Primary Summer

I love cool summer nights when I can pair bright colored tights with my heels and mini dresses.

Lace and mesh dress- UO
Wedges- BCBG (from years and years ago!)


meena meena said...

yellow, black and gold. i wouldve never guessed theyd be so great together! bravo, this getup is really cool, your shoes are the bomb,too.

Meaghan Kelly said...

that dress rules! you look so good!
I totally want to stop by your store, and I definitely wanna hit up Venus and Mars!
We should be in Nashville around Thursday or Friday, but I'll leave you another comment before then. Send me your store's address at

natalayyyyyy said...

you are SOSO adorable.
i love the whole outfit.
but the tights are my fave.
you know this ;]

Atenea said...

I never wear opaque tights in summer but it's a bold outfit!