Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fairies & More Tulle

Today I made some more Tulle Bow Bands with this lovely dotted netting my mom found at Textile Fabrics on Franklin Road. I may be headed back there soon to get more. The polka dots are soft and fuzzy.

My favorite part of my bedroom are my fairy lights. Well, they are just round bulb strand lights, but I like to think of them as fairy lights. They give the room the perfect soft lighting for sitting in bed and pondering the future and....the existence of fairies?


lauren winter said...

so cute! tulle looks gorgeous in bow form.

hey, and you asked me a question about ready made magazine in my last post - most borders have it (ours included, I think) and it's usually in the 'home improvement/decor' section. also, check out their website, because their subscriptions are super cheap -

and I definitely saw the short blonde hair in your shop and immediately thought you had cut yours! I'm so envious of your light light blonde hair :)

Rosa said...

tulle is the best fabric in the world! I want to cover all my walls in it :-) keep up the beautiful work! xxx