Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I'm fickle as a paper doll"

Last week I finally made up my mind about the pieces I want to create for Spring, and I decided to center them all on this paper doll print fabric. It was one of the fabrics I brought back from my Mother's stockpile in New Hampshire, and is from the early 90s. I put a lime green tulle underneath these, but I think a blue would look lovely underneath as well.

The last photo is of the one of the best cakes I've ever had. My friend Natalie took a fondant class and this is her first masterpiece! I also thought it was inspiring to photograph as it kind of ties into the colors I'm using this spring!

I've had a rough week or so, you know the kind where everything just sort of goes wrong, and you feel like a bit of a failure? Yes. It's no fun at all.. So, here's to a better rest of the week, please!


Heather Taylor said...

That skirt is very cute and that cake is absolutely gorgeous! Hope your week is fabulous and great!

Amelia Sylvia-Eve said...

what a very wonderful cake!, and futhermore, an adorable skirt also.
x x x