Friday, June 4, 2010

My Summer Wishlist: Florals

Items clockwise from top right:

Modcloth Courtly Love Cardigan
Modcloth Circle Takes the Scarf
Urban Outfitters gingham bathing suit (which is sadly sold out!)
Etsy Canvas Tote Bag
Readymade: How to Make Almost Everything book
Seychelles Marguerite Heel
Topshop Paintbrush Flower Playsuit
Modcloth Rat-A-Tat Hat

In an attempt to inject my wardrobe with some girlish summery pieces, I of course immediately landed on anything and everything floral. Dreaming of days at Centennial Park reading in the shade and sunny afternoons at the pool in a vintage style swimsuit, I decided upon the essentials: a casual and comfortable playsuit, chic heels, a face-shading hat, a light scarf and cardigan for the heavily air conditioned boutiques and cafes, as well as some productive summer reading! (Because summer is about projects, right?)

While I am most certainly yearning for these incredibly feminine floral darlings, there is of course the other side of myself (everyone has this right?) that wants to embrace that sort of victorian goth black summer ensembles I have been seeing (that sounds like a total Well if this notion is leaving all of you confused and thinking I'm a bit of a crazy person, fear not! I'll be back soon with my second wishlist to entertain my love for darkness (Please refer back to here and here to see my previous ramblings on my love for the somber hue during inappropriate times of the year.)


Eleanor said...

i am loving florals at the moment too! all the playsuits and light shirts are adorable! :) topshop has particularily nice ones - for cheap!
love the book too - adding that to my wishlist :)


I really, really want this book.