Friday, January 7, 2011

Inspiration: Blythe Dolls

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For the past 5 months, my poor sewing machine has been sitting all by its lonesome gathering dust. A few weeks ago I was putting together a moodboard for my spring collection and kept coming across pictures online of Blythe dolls. My favorite is the last one...with the green hair and vintage floral print dresses. So lovely!

Today I worked on some pieces I'm doing for a charity event in a few weeks for the Human Society and reworked some vintage pieces for my collection. I also stumbled across several rolls of velvet ribbon I ordered online over the summer and decided to use them to make some headbands!


Dawn said...

Hi Simone, so glad that you are back to creating things for your etsy store. I will check it out. I would love to have an etsy store too. How has it been for you? I find sooo many things at the thrift that I want to share! What do you think? Dawn XX


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