Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh Blog

I'm so sorry for neglecting you....

Anyway, these days the bank account is dwindling. Between writing rent checks and buying furniture for the new place, not selling anything at the store lately (COME ON I know you all need a tutu skirt and a new pretty summer dressy), and spending stupidly in general, I have zero dollars for pretty summer clothes. I need inspiration to revive some old pieces, or advice on a few things I should actually buy that I can mix and match with while i'm stuck in the Tennessee heat. hm.

I do need:

sandals, preferably not gladiators, i'm not gonna lie, I'm over it.

rompers. definitely not over these just yet :)

a sun dress

some sort of jean cut offs, goodwill baby

some light blouses perhaps.


Liebemarlene Vintage

MakiMaki Vintage

Pretty Floral Sundress

Oh and if everyone would pray to the sungods for me that would great. Nashville needs some vitamin D

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