Friday, May 8, 2009

Starving Fashionista Sale

So. I just moved into this big beautiful amazing house, and have no furniture. and, no money to buy it with. In the process of moving, I realized how many pairs of lovely shoes and pieces of clothing I have that have never even been worn. So, here is the first of many items I will be selling on my etsy. ALSO, I will be getting my handmade designs up within the next month, yay :)

Jessica Simpson Leve Ballet Flats

Now I'm going to attempt to organize said clothing and shoes sans furniture...wish me luck lovelies!


Birgit said...

Really Nice!
& gooood luck!

xx Birgit

vorega badalamenti said...

really great... want it want it soo much

wanna xchange link?

vorega badalamenti said...

already linked yours darl.. =)