Sunday, January 31, 2010

Candied Tulle and Sugary Sweet Satin

Lately I've been drawn to tulle, whether it's stiff and wiry, or soft and flowy.I added two new headbands using such netting to my Etsy shop!

Tonight I am cutting up wooly sweaters and making stretch mini skirts! To be posted shortly...

Oh and PS: Doesn't my darling friend Hannah have a lovely haircut? She does it herself (and mine too :)



kaelah beauregarde said...

aw i used to sit beside Hannah in science class! she was always suchhh a doll! love the headbands too!

Heather Taylor said...

Did you cut your hair recently? It looks really cute!

Love Simone said...

Kaelah- Yes she's awesome :)

Heather- No this is actually my friend Hannah, but she has such a cool haircut I can't help but want to cut mine that short too sometimes :)