Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paris: Vintage and Art

Here are some highlights from my (mostly) lovely visit to the city of love! Hannah and I met up with our Dutch friend Evey, and we mostly just saw the big sights. However, we stayed in a lovely little hotel in the Bastille area, and spent an afternoon hunting out vintage shops that were recommended by this blog I stumbled upon called Sweet Sassafrass. Her guide was incredibly helpful, and each shop was packed with amazing vintage, but unfortunately most were so overcrowded that shopping was a bit difficult. The ones pictured below were my favorites. Come On Eileen had amazing vintage designer shoes, including Chloe, Pradas, etc, and entire walls full of old chuck taylors! *Not pictured was an equally extensive collection of old Levi's!

While the vintage was a great highlight (even though I didn't make any purchases), my second favorite thing we did was the visit to the modern art museum, the Centre Pompidou. Pictured below are my two favorite pieces, a decorated screen and a collage of old corsets, slips, and petticoats!

Beyond that, we just explored the city, sat and basked in the sun in the Louvre gardens, and of course, drank LOTS of Fanta (I hardly drink soda at home, but there was something addicting about it! It's not like the Fanta we have in the US; it has some juice in it and is a bit more refreshing I think :).

Paris was beautiful, but I can't wait to show you all our weekend trip to Budapest, Hungary (by far my favorite place that I visited in Europe!).

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Heather Taylor said...

I've heard great things about the Fanta overseas as well, dying to try some myself one day soon.
Come On Eileen looks incredible. I need to bring a sleeping bag and tent there and set up residency immediately.