Sunday, August 31, 2008

Je veux te voir

I am pretending that it is not heinously hot out these days and sporting some lovely vintage scarves for fall. By the way, the ones I have put in the store are selling nicely. (Oh I have pictures of the store that I want to put up as well!)

a better picture of my new haircut, of which I am in love with but cannot seem to style without the help of dear zach.

Getting ready to go out, wondering how I could possibly be so unphotogenic? Oh and that is my dear friend Aaron.

scarf- vintage
leggings- kensie
gladiator sandals- f21


Richel said...

you have beautiful hair! I love this haircut, but I've never been able to pull it off!

Secretly Simone said...

Thankyou so much! I think the key is having a good straightener and teasing it a lot. The guy who did it has a Chi and it always turns out amazing!

Eelie said...

My gosh hun, you ARE photogenic.


Truly, you are far too critical and that mag above looks like it would have some pretty neato piccies in there. I wonder if they ship to NZ? hmmm...

Isabel said...

I kind of adore your septum piercing. They're not easy to pull off but you do it so well!

cinnamongazelle said...

people are reading your blog!!!!
at first i was like
"hm, i dont remember commenting on this entry 4 times!!"
who is zack and why cant he do my hair too?!
when i come for sister-visit i want him to do my hair. tell him this. immediately.
i mean it.