Monday, August 11, 2008


Here are some things I snatched up today at the Salvation Army!!

This skirt is so cute and perfect for summer, it's so lightweight and doesn't need to be altered. yay!
The purse is so 80s I love it, it has a strap but I thought it was way more chic as a little clutch. Although, I would probably wear a darker shirt with it because in the photo I look sort of washed out. Or maybe that is just my very poor photography skills....

This is my favorite find. An acid wash major high waisted jean skirt. A little snug but perhaps it will stretch out a bit with wear. I want to wear it every single day. yes.

This skirt actually needs to be hemmed, but oh how I love plaid. I've secretly always wanted to go to a private school just so I could wear a plaid skirt or some sort of jumper. The little booties are hannah's and so they are a size too big. but they're so cute. Oh and by the way, yes, that is the portal to Narnia you are seeing there, the exact wardrobe, mmmhm.

shirt- target
booties - Nine West


Hannah said...

my booties!!

PS who is the boy you stayed up late talking to the other night?
curious minds...

i miss you lots, and i got you the prettiest thing today :) you will love it. and you will wear it often. and same with the thing i got you the other day too. one of the things is a bit touristy, but you'll like it, because its cute and child sized, and i have a matching one in a different color, yay!

dont die on the way to nashville please!!
love you

LAN said...

hey hi;
you have a great style statement!! :) by the way nice blog!!v