Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm bad luck

I have been a poor blogger lately...what with moving back to school and catching up with my friends. I need to start taking more pictures, too....but here is the outfit I wore tonight! I ordered several pairs of new shoes from forever21, and I love them all. I am wearing one pair of them here. My friend Zach also gave me a hot new haircut, however this is pre-hairspray and teasing.

So sorry for the poor quality, mirror shots do this no justice. I had no clean white tanks, so I cut the sleeves and v neck out of one of my hanes tees, and the skirt is Richard Chai for Target. Doesn't it remind you of the nightmare before Christmas? Something about the color palate. And I do not remember where I got those stirrup leggings/tights, but they have been sitting in my drawer for many months now.

now I am praying to the rain gods to make it stop before tomorrow so that I can drive my car to cool springs and get my window fixed. Tonight it would not roll up and now I have a trash bag (badly) taped to the window, and rain is pouring in as we speak. I am also hoping that no one breaks into it and/or tries to steal it....

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