Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boston in Rodarte

On Wednesday night Hannah and I went to Boston to visit some friends. Shane had just gotten a new back drop ("Anthropologie Grey" as he dubbed it) so we decided to have a mini photo shoot. I had just snatched up some of the leftover clearance Rodarte items from Target and was excited to wear the pink tulle blouse! Shane used to come over and take fun pictures all the time in high school, but I always feel awkward in front of the camera. You can probably tell.... :)

You can also see my new haircut fully here! I'm still getting used to it, and I'm working on the best way to wear it curly as well. What do you all think?

By the is the link to Shane's site (He's a great photographer!): Shane Godfrey Photography

My outfits:

Pink Tulle Blouse- Rodarte for Target
Grey Military Jacket- Alice Temperley for Target
Blue Skirt- H&M
necklace- target

Yellow sweater- Rodarte for Target
tank underneath- Target
Pink Tulle Skirt- Rodarte for Target
Black patterned tights ???
Thigh high suede boots- UO (Kimchi & Blue)


Colleen said...

He's a great photog, and you look lovely!

Heather Taylor said...

You look so pretty!

Lolo said...

I like the second photo the best. You look great! I use to have a similar haircut - it looks ace on you! I've just had mine cut in to a pixie cut.

meena meena said...

i just bought a clearanced Zac Posen for target dress..what fun those pieces are, right? sheer scarves are one of my most favorite accessories right now..yours is beautiful! congratulations on this internship and all of th exciting things happening in your life..staying busy is good!

wishing you the best!!