Monday, March 8, 2010

Smitten with Sonia

So I am home in New Hampshire on Spring Break for the week. Possibly the last time I will be up in New England for a very long time. My family is moving to Tennessee (very exciting!), but it is surely sad to say goodbye to the house and area I grew up in.

This week I am relaxing, sleeping in late, doing some last minute sewing, reading, and doing some lovely tax free shopping!

I've been partially keeping up with the Fall 2010 shows, but it always seems like such overkill even posting about all the shows I like, because...well, every other blogger out there is doing the same thing. However, I was completely taken with Sonia Rykiel's nude and beige knits. Exactly what I want to wear now...perhaps because I have changed my hair and now feel like changing up my wardrobe (Don't you think brown hair and nude tones look lovely)? And well, I don't feel like waiting for fall to wear any of these things! Now, I say!

OH and don't let me forget the GIANT Pom pom! Someone tell me where I can even find one of these to attach to a headband/clip/some sort of contraption that will make one sit atop my head in the same manner! I'm sensing a rather ambitious DIY..hmm?

Until next week, I am off to watch TV (I don't have cable at my house in Nashville, so this is a real treat!). Tonight, Kell on Earth and Gossip Girl!

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