Monday, July 14, 2008

I love ewe

So let me just tell you how amazing I am. I have managed to make my strawberry iced tea from Hot Rize last all the way from 11:45 this morning until now. 9:32 PM. I've always been a slow drinker (a real word??). I have recently voiced my concern and nervousness for when waiters at restaurants bring me another soda before I have even gotten halfway through my first. It just sits there and the ice melts and it gets all watered down and then I feel positively wasteful. Woe is me.

Anyhow, looking through old photos and reminiscing about when my Lux acid wash jeans were actually still pink tinted. Meaning, before I actually washed them....

oh and I love those mary-janes I am wearing. I got them way on sale at for love 21 last fall. They have a pretty high heel though, and I have had many a drunken trip down cement stairs in those. Not so pretty..

So all day I have been perusing the fashion blogs and now I'm all jealous and want one of my own. so. there. I will now enact my secret undercover plan to take over the world of blogging. (insert the evil plan laugh know the one from friends, when pheobe and joey try to trick rachel and ross...or you could just think of an evil laugh in general i suppose...whatever, you're deal.)

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