Sunday, July 27, 2008

and all these songs are sung on roadtrips

Here are some pictures finally of the tee shirt I altered with vintage lace. mm i love it. Quite possibly one of the only things better than a hanes white v-neck is one with pretty pretty lace on it. yes, i think so.

please excuse the fluffy mess on my head. The humidity from being outside at flea markets all morning took its toll. Speaking of! fleas were a bust, but I found some really great things at this antique store in Bedford called Antiques at Mayfair. 2 feather headbands, a coral colored vintage slip, and some really neat rhinestone jewelry that I'm going to use for my headbands. Pictures to follow!

Tomorrow mom and I are driving up to Burlington, VT to do some shopping. Ever since Nylon magazine did an article about all of the boutiques and little shopping places, I've been dying to go. So, we are going tomorrow and perhaps staying over through the night, depending upon whether we do everything we want to in a day. I am going to wear the high waisted shorts I got at goodwill today, with a gray tank I think, and maybe my gladiator sandals, they are quite comfortable actually...

by the way, folks, as you might not have noticed, that is indeed a NEW leopard print cardigan. Yes, yes, I have decided to momentarily retire the old one It's had a good run, and my taunting friends will be happy to know that I have washed it (yes! you heard me right!) and set it lovingly into my sweater basket for cooler days to come.

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