Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't be a traffic light

My guilty pleasure since early summer has been the deliciously catchy tunes of The Ting Tings. I must admit I am drawn to anything cute and adorable, you know like kittens, and cupcakes, and bows, so naturally I was first drawn to their name. After seeing some of their videos, I kind of fell in love with the singer Katie White's kitschy/cute and offbeat style. I love how she manages to wear jumpers and felt hats while still looking like a rock star. yay! I am also definitely channeling her intheface straight hair and bangs right now.

PS: I received my faux leather vintage b.b. dakota jacket in the mail today!!!!! pictures soon :) now its back to classes until this evening, ick.


Hannah said...

i love the ting tings!!
and yeah you do look kinda like her.
so i think you need to come home in the end of september..
mom and dad will be gone for TWO WHOLE WEEKENDS.. they're meeting aunt jamie and uncle david in san fran.
so i will be home alone and i'm afraid that the monsters will get me.


and i also kinda wanna have a little party
heh heh heh.
i'm sneak-ay
love you!

Lainie-lou said...

I wish we saw them in rhode island. I agree, she dresses the cutest!