Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keep your head

I had a date last night! Here is what I wore :)

There is something extra special about getting all dolled up and actually having somewhere lovely to go, and someone to go with! And I had been waiting for the right outfit to wear these shoes with as well, I love them, reminiscent of some I have seen in magazines lately...and don't they kind of remind you of the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz??? no? maybe it's me...

shift dress-Target! (yes..I know..I love target and its little gems lately...)
Shoes- F21
clutch- salvation army for a dollar!



Cute shoes!

I love your header/title picture, where did you get it? Do you know the artist?


Secretly Simone said...

Thankyou! I found the picture while perusing It is an illustrator but I cannot remember her name...hmm I tried going back into the archives on their site but i could not find it. But I'm sure it's there somewhere

Evelyn said...

I almost bought those shoes... they look fantastic on! I'm glad I get to see them on someone.

Secretly Simone said...

thankyou! they are definitely worth buying, I'm in love with them!

Lainie-lou said...

Your shoes are Awesome. really