Friday, September 5, 2008

Functional Fashion?

I was reading my new Zink magazine, and they featured this interesting little cuff, made out of scissors. Apparently, it can be worn two ways, meaning you can close the blades. This immediately reminded me of my friend Adam, who this summer at a friend's apartment decided to bend some extremely moldable silverware into a bracelet...or a "forklet" as he calls it. I also remember my mother having little baby silver spoons bent into rings that wrap around the fingers. They're precious, I'll have to get ahold of some pictures of them...

the "Toy Me" scissor cuff

Adam's forklet...disregard the other fork in the photo, we were eating cake :)

Thoughts, opinions on this wearable cutlery???

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crispybenfranklin said...

I've seen bracelets like that! I think it's pretty swell.