Monday, October 20, 2008

Cold enough for neff!

My day consisted of:
1.) getting locked inside the store
2.) spilling coffee all over my erin fetherston cupcake least it was kind of in the same color family (however the coffee was free so that should make up for it somehow, no?)
3.) making potatoes for dinner and splashing hot oil on my neck. ow.
4.) realizing I have an accounting project due thurs that I have really yet to start...
5.) realizing also that I left my computer charger at the store. nice.
Excuse my frumpiness at the moment, I looked cute today I swear. I wore light pink tights, my erin skirt, a plain white tee and my mr. gray cardigan with black ankle booties. imagine it. cute.

So here now, is the blog introduction of my beloved black neff hat. I lived in this thing last winter. It is making a comeback. Plus, it looks quite lovely with slouchy dresses and tights and boots. yes.


Hannah said...

oh, the neff hat that I got you, I as in ME.. the neff hat that you just had to have once you saw ME wearing the EXACT SAME HAT. haha.
i haven't worn mine yet, but i wore a scarf yesterday... it was 30 outside when i went out. brrr

yiqin; said...

Ah so cute :) I want a cupcake shirt too! & you look so adorable in the hat :D

Alice Point said...

Funny and very cute hat:) You look so sweet:)

Nashville Dolls said...

That hat is too cute.