Monday, October 6, 2008

Mood, mood, mood

You know when you lay down to take a very nice nap and you end up sleeping for 3 1/2 hours without planning to? Yet you wake up disoriented and completely unsatisfied with said nap? That was my afternoon.

blouse - isaac mizrahi for target
jeans- f21
belt - thrifted
flats - gap
sunglasses - UO

Now I am going to make a nice dinner, study for my Intro to Fashion midterm, and listen to Flower by Deerhoof. Who wants to go see them with me when they come to Nashville???


ambika said...

I *loathe* those kinds of naps. & then, on top of it, it's harder to sleep that night because of all the sleep you got during the day. Ugh.

yiqin; said...

Those jeans look GREAT on you! & I love your about me section ;)

Love Simone said...

yiqin: thankyou :)

Hannah said...

asjksdknfgkj oh please get me a pair of those exact jeans for my birthday!!! i will try them on when you come home on friday, and we can go from there.
see you friday!!

and i dont think i've seen that shirt before.. hmm

FrkTetlie said...

Love the pants! :)

Charlotte said...

I love your jeans, especially with the white tee and sunglasses =)