Monday, October 27, 2008

I love

Here are some things I am thinking about right now:

the original tights as pants girl edie sedgwick. Thinking of when I watched Factory Girl and how afterwards even though I was terribly depressed at such a sad ending to a life all I really wanted to do was run around in tights and one giant chandelier earring chain-smoking.

I have been listening to this singer Meiko non-stop lately. I am in a soft-girly music mood.

some nice back seam tights. If I had any money I would buy them today.

I love it when you go and get coffee and they make a pretty design on top. I went to Provence cafe yesterday in Hillsboro Village with Mack and Morgan and it was lovely. Grilled Cheese from Bongo Java is always amazing too.


Hannah Jane said...

I want a heart in my coffee!

guess what I love....YOU!

jk. well not right now anyways. because you're a promise breaker.


Nashville Dolls said...

I'm obsessed with tights with seams in the back also. I got a pair of fightnet ones from hot topic. Are those the ones from AA? They're really expensive for tights.

Love Simone said...

nashville dolls: I looked at the ones from AA but you're right, they wayy too expensive. I found these online on and for less than $10