Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pick Me Up and Dust Me Off

It's been a tiresome week. Stressful with midterms and exams and accounting. oh there is nothing I hate more right now than income statements and cash flows and owner's equity. ick ick ick. But thankfully tomorrow at 5 pm it will be over for the week and I can concentrate on much more important things, like my 21st birthday :). I'm crossing my fingers that the magnificent dress I ordered on ebay last week from makimaki vintage comes in before Friday because that is the last day of mail before fall break.
So because of my stressful state, an OUTFIT was required for today. Something special and dear to my heart. My lovely betsey purchase from last February in San Francisco. My love, my little maid dress. The funny looks from non-understanding Belmont students are not even phasing me today.

dress- betsey johnson
booties- BC
sunglasses- UO

p.s. i have changed the title of my blog because that is what I am calling my brand of little things I am selling. so. yes.


Hannah said...

so, what, is this the firs time you've worn your betsey johnson dress??

Ine said...

hey simone! where in the states do you live? i used to live in missouri, but now i live in norway (the country).
cute blog you've got, btw! i'm linking you over in my blog, hope that's okay. and i'm sorry about my blog being in norwegian and all, but i hope you'll still stop by sometime :)

FrkTetlie said...

Love the dress<3

Joy said...

i love the items in your store and your blog is too cute!!
southeast grrls rep.

Alice Point said...

Dress is lovely! I like this retro look!:) You look fantastic!