Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love ewe

So this weekend we had a nice family outing to the renaissance fair in north carver, MA. I always love looking at the costumes that are always there. It's this brand called Moresca, and every year i can't help but get sucked into wanting to be a little fairy or some sort of medieval nymph. This year they had this frayed white costume that I thought looked like a sheep, and couldn't help but notice looked like so many dresses on the runway this season. I could not find any pictures but it's amazing I promise...

It reminded me specifically of this dress by Frank Tell, that I have seen in all of the magazines and online lately. I am obsessed with it. Something about looking like a cloud, or an airy little something. And that you can also look fierce at the same time, with some nice black tights.

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